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Mar. 21st, 2012 09:04 pm
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Player Name: Kobayashi
Contact Info: PM this journal, or MindtheSukima on AIM
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Name: Riza Wildman
Canon: Princess Resurrection

Canon Background:

AU Background: As in canon, Riza is a half-werewolf, meaning she can only partially transform, and she was brought up with the same teachings of honor and strength and the old ways held by some of the beastmen and werewolf tribes in Dalweth. Her history regarding her brother’s death is slightly changed, in that he was blackmailed by a noble in a neighboring province into turning on one of the groups of werewolves, only to die honorably in combat against them. She didn’t join them, but instead sought to join one of the larger groups of beastmen in the province, as they were one of the stronger forces opposing the empire and would have the best chance of being able to afford her the chance to avenge her brother when she found out who was responsible for his death. She has since joined Luna’s Call, recognizing Taryn as a strong leader, and made her way up decently in the ranks.

Personality: Riza is a fairly simple person. She’s headstrong, confident, quick to anger and honest. She rarely doubts herself, likes to charge into things head-first, believes actions are louder than words and promises are meant to be honored. Eat, sleep, train, fight. She’s a very straight-forward fighting girl type of character who prefers, when a problem arises, to let her fists do the talking. Raised in a very honor-bound werewolf tribe, she puts a lot of stock in fighting and acting with honor and integrity, fair-fighting and a warrior’s respect for worthy enemies. The opposite of course is true; she despises those who use underhanded methods or act without honor. Though she certainly respects strength, mental qualities such as willpower, stalwartness, honor and commitment impress Riza a lot more. Likewise, she doesn’t necessarily disdain the weak so much as the cowardly and deceitful. She’s very loyal to those she decides to affiliate herself with.

Though her main motive in life is revenge for her brother and to honor her tribe, Riza also is just kind of a natural thrill-seeker, whether it be in battle, some other kind of competition, or just finding things to ride that go really, really fast. She’s a lot better at physical activities, like sports, but is willing to try different things if it seems interesting… though she may grow frustrated quickly if she isn’t any good at it. She’s generally friendly and casual and tends not to over-think things or plan ahead too far. She prefers to just go with her instincts and gut emotional responses than over-analyze things. She enjoys rushing headlong into things and always welcomes a challenge – the more impossible the odds, the better. She’s rather competitive in that way.

Riza’s strengths are her loyalty, fierceness, bravery and confidence in the face of overwhelming odds. In a way, they’re also her weaknesses, as she tends to just charge in without thinking things through, hates to retreat, and never backs down from a fight. She’s also not always the sharpest thinker when it comes to less-than-straightforward situations and prefers just to smash through problems than carefully solve them. Even though she has a tendency not to use them or come up with them herself though, she can appreciate a good plan.

Combat Style: Riza fights in a very straight-forward manner, declaring her name and heritage to her foes before engaging in combat. She relies mostly on her werewolf strength and doesn’t use weapons, instead attacking with her transformed arms. She believes in fighting with honor and is against underhanded tactics.

Kingdom or Faction: Luna’s Call

Primary Role: Commander

Soldier or Siege Company: Riza commands a few of the beastmen in a small raiding band.

Tarot Cards: The Chariot, The Magician, Strength

Title: N/A

Artifacts: N/A

Setting Considerations: Not super huge, but the noble responsible for her brother’s death presumably had a reason to try to harm the werewolves, and could be some kind of motivation to try to kill them. Otherwise… werewolves in Princess Resurrection usually open combat honorably by crossing their arms over their chest and declaring their name and lineage (eg, “I am Riza Wildman, daughter of Vorg Wildman!”) and expect opponent werewolves to do the same and sentient opponents to at least respond similarly. Meeting werewolves tend to greet each other that way too. I’ve discussed this with Taryn’s player and wonder if this could become a part of werewolf culture in IS, at least for some of the tribes/groups of werewolves that are more open about their lineage and culture?

Notes: Can Riza have a magic motorcycle are those a thing can she have unearthed something like that and be taking care of some crystal-powered motorcycle or something? She is totally into riding stuff that goes fast but I don’t think she’d actually get along well with horses. Or like. Whatever would be an appropriate single-person goes-fast riding device object thing.

Sample Post:
You are about to embark upon a grand journey. What do you carry in your satchel?
Not a lot, really. I prefer to travel light. Maybe some food and water? All I really need is myself.
Your liege has called upon you to perform a task of great importance. Upon what do you rely to complete it?
My own strength, of course! And maybe those I can trust. But if it’s a job for me, then I’m going to finish it myself, no matter what!
What does your presence bring to your kingdom?
Honor and respect, of course. Well, and another able body.
What is god to you?
Hmm, that’s kind of hard. I mean, it’s not like I think of god in the way the church does and all that. I guess the short answer would be nature itself, wouldn’t it? There’s the old gods and all that but that gets all complicated…
What is love to you?
L-love? I don’t have time for that kind of thing! Next question.
It is the eve of a great battle, and the troops have made camp for the night. Where are you and what are you doing?
Making sure everyone’s ready to fight, at least. But mostly seeing to myself – eating, maybe working out a little, making sure I’ll be in top condition tomorrow. And rest. Rest is important before a big fight.
What do you do in the face of great adversity?
Grin and fight back even harder, of course.
For what cause are you willing to sacrifice yourself?
To avenge my brother. Ah, not that I plan on dying or anything. Beating that bastard’s face in and living would be a lot better than any sacrifices.
What do you want people to remember about you after you are gone?
That I was a great and honorable warrior.
Everything you love and held dear has been taken from you in the blink of an eye. What do you do?
Find whoever is responsible and make them pay.


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